PPC Consulting Services

I offer a range of PPC consulting services to agencies, resellers and advertisers alike.

PPC Advertiser Consulting

It is understandable that many owner/operators prefer to have complete control over their campaigns.  While the time alloted and relative effectiveness can wildly vary, I understand the desire.  In those cases, I am available for weekly/monthly consulting sessions to guide your campaign development.  These hours can include training and/or strategy guidance but are customized specific to individual advertiser needs.

White Label PPC Management

Short staffed?  I am available for short or long-term engagements where you present me as part of your team.  I can be client-facing or provide support for ongoing operations.  Conversely, you can present me as an outside consultant or contractor.  In either case, the end client will receive the highest level of service and your brand will benefit.

PPC Staff Training

When developing an in-house solution, I help build the bridge to reach a full service paid search department.  Whether you're an advertiser who's taking management in-house or an agency who is expanding its service offerings, I deliver an in-person comprehensive training environment with learning materials, skill modules and follow up for continued skill development.

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